Boiler Skids
Premium, Packaged Equipment Designed for Your Needs

With over 10,000+ Customers and counting, Chillermen is the most complete and trusted Process Cooling Design and Manufacturing Services company in the market.

Chillermen is a leader of complete packaged systems for pumping and boiler applications. Chillermen produces premium, packaged equipment designed and manufactured to meet your specifications. We recognize the need for high-quality equipment packages and are committed to providing superior products with exceptional customer satisfaction.

We design efficient, reliable, technologically cost-effective solutions for the most complicated applications.

Typical Industries

DNA Strands Biological
Pharmaceutical ProcessingPharmaceutical
MRI CoolingMedical
Electronics and Semiconductor ManufacturingElectronic & Semiconductor
Laser CoolerLaser
Alcohol DistillingAlcohol Distillation
Aeronautics IndustryAeronautical

Systems and Applications

  • DI/RO
  • Acids/Caustics
  • Ozone Friendly
  • Solvents, Paints, Etc.
  • 200 Watts and Greater
  • Clean Room Compatible
  • Air and Water Cooled Systems
  • Hazardous Environment Construction
  • Longest Mean Time Between Failures
  • Accurate Temperature Control
    from ±.02° C
  • Fluorocarbon and Other Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Boiler Skids
  • UL Control Panels
  • International Service
  • Opened/Closed loops
  • Hydronic Pumping Skids
  • Custom Sound Enclosures
  • Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals
  • Temperature Control
    from -40° C to +180° C

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