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We make the chillers that other chiller manufacturers don't want to make - we do it all*.

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DNA Strands

Biological Laboratories

Most laboratories have unique applications and need equipment designed specifically for their needs. Chillermen can design a custom chiller for your specific lab equipment or OEM chillers to be private labeled for your unique equipment. View Case study

Pharmaceutical Processing

Pharmaceutical Processing

The pharmaceutical industry presents a number of challenges with their specific cooling needs. This fast-moving industry requires short lead times on custom units, system redundancy, precise temperature control, and low process fluid temperatures. All chiller features Chillermen offers. View Case study

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Chillers

Medical imaging equipment such as MRI machines, CT scanners, LINAC machines and other diagnostic equipment, require a reliable source of cooling at all times. Chillermen can build a single unit for just one application or several private labeled units. View Case study


Electronics & Semiconductors

The semiconductor production process requires highly precise and effective liquid cooling or air cooling. Chillermen is highly experienced in building thermal temperature management technologies with liquid chillers for the semiconductor industry. View Case Study

Laser Equipment

Lasers & Industrial

When it comes to precise temperature control for your resonator and optics, Chillermen can design industrial laser chillers to satisfy your rigorous demands. Cooling for machine tool equipment, oil cooling and industrial room cooling can be done as well. View Case Study


Alcohol Distillation

Process cooling removes heat from distillate and is mainly used in the mash tun, fermenter and still. The process cooling equipment can also be used to provide space cooling if there is excess capacity or limited space for separate systems. Chillermen can build the proper chiller for your distilleries.



Developing new and innovative thermal solutions for today’s most challenging defense and aerospace applications requires engineering expertise and experience. Chillermen continually invests in our engineering resources and capabilities. Only Chillermen can design, build and manufacture a defense department chiller under top secret conditions, and deliver in less than 11 weeks. View Case Study



When it comes to temperature control Chillermen is able to offer a complete control solution. From small single unit solutions to full-scale plant operations, we can build a range of chillers suitable for biopharmaceutical process applications. View Case study

*We are unable to make chillers that cool down to -40° F or lower. However, any application you have that requires chilling above -40°F, we will do it. Big or small, we build them all!

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