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Meeting the unique challenges of medical device cooling

Medical Equipment Requiring Process Chillers

There are several types of medical equipment that require highly reliable chillers for cooling multiple critical components:

  • MRI Machines
  • PET Scanners
  • CT Scanners

Each of these machines, whether in hospitals, mobile trucks or clinics, will run nearly 24 hours per day. These machines generate enormous amounts of heat and uptime is essential for patient treatment and maintaining schedules.

Medical Equipment Process Chillers - Our Capabilities

Chillermen’s expert engineers and manufacturers provide the medical industry with reliable, efficient, cost effective cooling solutions that meet their needs and satisfy all requirements. Chillermen offers an industry best 3-year warranty on all chillers, and outstanding service for your assurance.

If you need a custom or private label chiller for medical process cooling, we can build it. Learn more about custom and private label chiller design and manufacturing.

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