Heat Exchanger #1 Design and Manufacturing Services

With over 10,000+ Customers and counting, Chillermen is the most complete and trusted process Chiller Design and Manufacturing Services company in the market.

OEM Chillers and Heat Exchangers

Fluid Industrial Manufacturing OEM Chillers and Heat Exchangers have the ability to provide you with an optimal solution to your thermal requirements, whether you require a stand-alone system or integration within a larger system.  Fluid MFG has pervasive experience designing accurate and reliable temperature control equipment for a multitude of industries

  • Induction and Micro-fusion Industries
  • Laser, Semiconductor, Laboratory, Medical Research, and Optics
  • Scientific Instruments and Liquid Handling Calibration Equipment
  • Medical Therapeutic Application
  • Optical and Ultrasonic Cutting Industries
  • Wafer and Photovoltaic Industries

Benefits of Fluid Industrial Manufacturing OEM Chillers and Heat Exchangers

  • Performance Testing
  • Private Labeling
  • At-Cost Prototypes
  • Documentation and certification
  • 3D CAD Design
  • Skilled manufacturing personnel for electronic and mechanical production
  • State of the Art Manufacturing facility
  • Experienced Engineers and Designers
  • 3 year warranty

We design efficient, reliable, technologically cost-effective solutions for the most complicated applications.

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