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Water Cooled Liquid Chiller To Maintain Aircraft Oil Temperatures In Critical Aviation Equipment

The United States Air Force came to Chillermen seeking a custom-made water cooled chiller for use in the F22 Raptor in order to keep the PAO oil at a specific temperature. We worked very closely with the client from start to finish, ensuring we met their every specification and detail. This chiller needed to be built with a cooling capacity to 68 KW (232,000 BTU/hr) and offer a temperature stability of ±3°F. On the piping we used 100% copper, 304 stainless steel on the tank, and 18 gauge sheet metal skins on the frame, resulting in a powerful, 2,700 pound chiller unit that keeps PAO oil at exactly 60°F.

Multiple Longterm Benefits At 35% Savings

This new unit featured multiple indicators and alarms and beneficial design elements, and went through a series of tests for quality and functionality. Upon completion, the custom manufactured water cooled chiller unit we created proved be have multiple benefits over the previous one the client had used: longer equipment life, increased energy efficiency, increased mean time between failures, and last but not least, it was significantly more economical than the previous supplier’s product, saving our client 35%. The client was beyond satisfied with the quality of the product and the money we saved them.

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Custom Water Cooled Chiller Specifications

Product Description

This custom manufacture unit is used within the F22 Raptor to keep the PAO oil at a specific Temperature

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Standard brazing torches for the copper piping.
Standard tools for mounting components (nuts and bolts)
Refrigeration tools to test for leaks and to pull a deep vacuum prior to charging the system with refrigerant.

Electrical conduit benders for electrical conduits.
On-Site Start Up

Overall Dimensions

Height: 60″
Width: 48″
Depth: 72″


2,700 lbs


Net Capacity: 68 KW (232,000 BTU/hr)
8-240 lbs/min Gear Pump @115PSI Max.
Internal Pressure Drop: 15 PSI @240 lbs/min

Temperature Stability: ±3°F Under Stable Load
Manual Pressure Control

Cooling Fluid

Castrol Brayco Micronic 889

Power Requirements

Voltage: 460V or 230V
Frequency: 60Hz

Materials Used

Piping: 100% Copper (CU)
Tank: 304 Stainless Steel
Frame: Tube Steel-Black Powder Coated 18 Gauge Sheet Metal Skins


Keeps PAO Oil at Exactly 60°F
Pressure & Flow Adjustment
Dehydrator Filter/Dryer for Refrigerant
Liquid Sight Indicator
Circuits Protected by Circuit Breakers
UL Listed Control Panel
Trane Scroll Compressor
Gear Pump w/ Built in Pressure Relief
Thermal Expansion Valve
100 Gallon Fill Tank
Indicators & Alarms

  • Silence – Audible
  • System
  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • Pressure
  • Compressor


Increased Energy Efficiency
Increased Mean Time Between Failures
Longer Equipment Life
User Friendly Serviceability
35% more economical than previous supplier

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Our test facility is state of the art and can cool up to 50 tons and heat up to 100 kW.
We have up to 200 amp connections available.
When systems are larger than what our facility has we simply rent the necessary equipment to do the test (such as generators, large chillers, or large water heaters).
This chiller uses the heat of rejection (house water) to maintain the PAO oil at 60°F. Since this chiller has its own built in heater we did not have to use an electric heater in the tank to test the capacity of the unit. We simply connected to our house water loop and let the oil chiller run.

  • Test All Working Sensors
  • Test all chiller safeties
  • Test PLC logic and sequence of operation

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