General Contracting Process Chiller

Chilling a Server Room with Minimum Noise

A client in the general contracting industry came to Chillermen needing a custom designed process chiller, and they had specific needs. This client needed the chiller to cool a server room, and it had to be less than 55 DBA. The capacity was to be 110 tons with an internal pressure drop of 20 PSI at 200 GPM, and it required a temperature stability of ±3°F.

We worked closely with the client and provided constant support throughout the process. We designed the unit, manufactured it out of C-channel and 1/4″ plate steel, and expertly assembled it. We then performed a full range of tests in our state-of-the-art facilities.

To ensure the 55 DBA requirement was met, we created custom sound enclosures for the unit. For this particular process chiller, the return chilled water from the AHU was used for the condenser water for the same chiller. The client found that all of their specifications were met and all of their expectations were exceeded.

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