Testing System Heat Exchanger

Custom Made Heat Exchanger for Semi-conductor Industry

Chillermen was approached to custom design and manufacture a heat exchanger for use in the semiconductor industry. The customer had many specific requirements, including a chilled water range of 42°F to 56°F, an outlet temperature of 64°F (±2°), and a flow rate of 6 GPM to 55 GPM, using a HFE 7100 coolant fluid. Using standard tools for the 100% copper piping and the mounting components, we created a heat exchanger measuring 19″ wide, 57.18″ high, and 29.76″ deep. The unit we created had multiple high-tech monitoring capabilities, and its many beneficial features included fans to reduce clean room heat load and power supply heat transference to the house water system in lieu of hot air.

Before shipping the heat exchanger to the client, it went through a series of tests, analyses, and regulations to be sure everything was working effectively, safely, and up to our high standards. Upon receipt of their custom manufactured heat exchanger, the customer was satisfied with every aspect of the finished product.

For more information about this project, or to learn more about our other products and services, please contact Chillermen for more information.

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